1.as 引导的特殊状语丛句,翻译时作定语丛句处理

  例:”In short”, a leader of the new school contends , “the scientific
revolution ,as we all it,was largely the improvement and invention and use of a
instruments that expanded the reach of science in innumerable directinons.” [译文]

  2.anyting but 根本不;nothing but 只不过是;all but 几乎,差一点;除……以外其余都是;but for 要不是;but

  例1.:Alone in a deserted house , he was so busy with his rescarch work that
he felt anything but lonely.[译文]:虽然他孤独一人住在这幢房子里,但他埋头于研究工作,一点也没有感到孤独。

  [注释]:句中 anything but 意为 except。试对比:He seldom talked of anyting butthe
experssion of the necessary mode of working of the human mind ; it is simply the
mode by all phenomena are reasoned about and given precise and exact

  例3.The party was all but over when we arrived. [译文]:我们到达时,聚会已近尾声。

  [注释]:此句中 all but 意为 nearly , almost。

  例4.But for the rain, we would have had a nice

  3.“名词,+or +名词”结构中or后的名词是同位语,应译为“即……;或者称……”

  例:Moreover , technology includes techniques, or ways to do things ,as well
as the machines that may or may not be necessary to apply them.

  4.“…,only to +动词”意为“……,结果却……”

  例:They don”t have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre , the cinema or
the opera ,only to discover,perhaps, that the show is disappionting

  [注释]:“…, only to +v.”表示句子谓语动作的目的相反结果。

  5. not nearly 永远不

  例:Food supply will not increase nearly enough to match this , which means
that we are heading into a crisis in the matter of producing and marketing

  6. not so much … as … 与其说……不如说……

  例1.Science moves forward , they say , not so much through the insights of
great men of genius as because of more ordinary things like imporoved techniques
and tools. [译文]:他们说,科学的发展与其说源于天才伟人的真知灼见,不如说源于改进了的技术和工具等更为普通的东西。

  例2.The conveniences that Americans desire reflect not so much a leisurely
lifestyle as busy lifestyle in which even minutes of time are too valuable to be

  [注释]:1) not so much as 连在一起写,则意为“连……都不(肯)”

  如:He didn”t so much as thank me for returning his money that I find .


  2)该句型有时也用 not so much … but …

  如:The important thing is not so much the actual population of the world ,
but its rate of increase. 重要的与其说是世界的实际人口量,还不如说是人口的增长率。

  3).要注意“not so much … but … ”与“not so

  例如:The bridge was not so crowded but the bicycles could go

  7.much less , still less 引导的词组或丛句,表示一种追加的否定,less是由little
的否定意义而来的,所以这两个词组只能用于否定句中,意为“更不必说”。to say nothing of , not to speak of , not to
mention , let alone 意为“更不消说”,也是一种追补的说法。但它们与 much less 和 still less

  例1.I could not agree to , much less paticipate in such proceedings.

  例2.He knows little of mathematics , and still less of chemistry.(1991

  例3. In old China , there was hardly any machine-building industry, to say
nothing of an eletronic industry.(1985 年考研试题)

  例4.I don”t konw algebra or geomtry , not to mention calculus.

  例5. I can”t add two and tow , let alone do

  注意:《美国成语词典》认为 let alone 只能用于追加的否定,但是,有的词典认为,该短语也可以引导追加的肯定。例如:There were
five people in the car , let alone the luggage and the two dogs

  8. no more … than … 和……一样都不……

  例1. The heart is no more intelligent than the stomach , for they are both
controlled by the brain.( 1994 年考研试题) [译文]:心脏和胃一样都无智力可言,因为它们都是由大脑控制的。

  例2. There is no reason they should limit how much vitamin you take , any
more than they can limit how much water you drink.( 1993年考研试题)

  9. more … than … 与其……不如……

  例1. He is a man who is more brave than

  [注释]:1). more … than 常用来比较同一个人或者同一个事物的两种不同特征。又如:He is more mad than

  2). more than +丛句(句中有 can 或 could ):实在不能……。

  例如:Some of the suggestions are more than we can accept .有些建议我们实在不能接受。

  3). not more +名词+than +句词:与……一样(是)

  如:A big elephant is not more an animal than a little cat

  4). (be) more of a … than a … :与其说是……不如说是……,如:He is more of a politican
than a scholar.与其说他是个学者,不如说是个政客。

  10. no less than 简直是,实在是

  例1. It is no less than blackmail to ask such a high


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